AKA the older sister, Marie loves kayaking, tacos, and pointed pen calligraphy. She has two dogs and three cats (also known as the CoJo Zoo).



AKA, the younger sister, Stephanie loves wine, the Dave Matthews Band, and animals. She has two kitties, one kiddo, and has her fingers crossed for a dog some day.




One Saturday night in February 2017, we invited our Millennial-aged girlfriends over for wine, snacks...and a PowerPoint presentation about investing.


We know, nerds!


But it actually was a lot of fun. That night, everyone rebalanced their portfolios, learned how to read their company investment options, and left feeling empowered to take control of their 401Ks. 

You might think two sisters who spend their Saturday nights hosting rebalancing parties with their girlfriends must have grown up with great financial role models and habits, and you would be wrong.

Very wrong.


It took our entire adult lives to overcome our financially insecure childhood and unlearning the bad money habits we learned at home.


Though we would go on to build successful careers in our 20s, it took us until our 30s to realize financial literacy is not a side effect of wealth; wealth is a side effect of financial literacy.


Through a ton of research, we figured out how to start making our money work for us, instead of us working hard for our money only to see it fly out the window. 


Once, investing seemed like this daunting thing that only Wall Street power-brokers knew how to do. But when we dug into it and started learning the fundamentals of investing and the power of compounding interest, everything started to fall into place. Our 401Ks started to grow instead of losing money.


And the best part - what we were doing was SO easy and simple.


We weren’t reading company prospectuses or watching CNBC all day. No, we simply invested primarily in funds that tracked the S&P 500 and went about our lives.


Thanks to focusing on smart, long-term investing, we have each achieved a 6-figure net worth - and within only a few years. Not bad for two girls who once had horrible FICO scores and no concept of investing at all! 

Now we bring the financial fun to our weekly live streams, blog posts, and workshops where we help our clients and our community break the cycle of spending and grow wealth so we can all live the lives we deserve. A life built around our dreams and not our bills.


Welcome to Winenance!