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Black Lives Matter: Our thoughts on this moment and how to support the movement

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

We were about to go live with our scheduled post about what to do when the pandemic has cancelled your summer plans, and how to not let that ruin your finances this summer. It’s a timely piece with a lot of useful tips.

It will be a timely piece next week, or even the week after that.

But right now, we have a responsibility to acknowledge the weight of this moment; not to shy away from it.

For those who may not know, we are Black women. We are the great great granddaughters of George and Jennie Bridgeforth - two slaves who would become the wealthiest black people in Alabama for their time.

Our great grandfather, George Ruffin Bridgeforth, dedicated his life to furthering black landownership and expanding black voter registration during the era of Jim Crow laws.

You can read more about our family legacy here and here.

Our grandparents marched on Washington with Dr. King, and our parents attended segregated schools. Our mom was the first black woman hired in her department at Kraft Foods in Chicago.

We are dedicating today’s blog post to the giants who came before us, and to those who have died at the hands a racist system designed to destroy, not protect us, to say, unequivocally:


When we held our first Winenance Night back in February 2017, we were looking for ways to have control over something meaningful. The election was disheartening to us, as have been the last three-and-a-half years. Tired of feeling powerless, we educated ourselves on learning the fundamentals of investing, and then we took that information, made a PowerPoint Presentation, and invited our girlfriends over on a Saturday night to drink wine and talk about empowering ourselves with the tools and knowledge to grow wealth.

It didn’t occur to us at the time what a revolutionary act that was: black women taking power into their own hands, and sharing the keys to wealth-building with other women.

Now, through our business, we have expanded our mission of helping the people historically left out of conversations about wealth and investing -- black people, people of color, women and young people -- structure their finances, grow wealth, and build their lives around their goals.

Right now, in this watershed moment, some of the best ways we all can do that is to:

1) Support boycotts and blackouts

2) Buy from black-owned businesses

3) Contribute to civil rights organizations

Furthermore, you can support other black personal finance experts.

Lastly, to white allies, please know that your voices and your actions are needed. This is the time to step up and speak out. Have the difficult conversations with your friends and family members. Don’t let racist comments go unchecked. Here are 75 ways to be an ally.

We hear you. We see you. We are with you. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackWealthMatters

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