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Our Fave Money Tips from Season 2 | Ep. 12 | Winenance Wednesday

Updated: Jan 18

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In our season 2 finale of Winenance Wednesday, we go over our favorite money tips, and the many "a ha" moments we had this season. Each episode of Winenance Wednesday is jam-packed with tangible, practical information on how to spend your money more intentionally, and how to build wealth through investing all so that you can live the fulfilling and happy life you deserve.

So pour yourself a beverage of choice, pull out your notebook, and let's close out 2020 by taking control of our finances!

Episode 12 time codes:

0:00 - Intro

2:20 - Topic introduction

3:13 - Episode 4: Tracking Your Expenses (watch or listen here)

6:30 - Episode 8: Why Small Expense can be your Biggest Expenses (watch or listen here)

8:13 - Episode 9: Qube Money (use code WINENANCE25 for 25% off lifetime memberships thru 12/31/20) (watch or listen here)

11:30 - Episode 2: How to Grow Wealth in Your 401K (download our 401K Guide here) (watch or listen here)

15:57 - Episode 5: Simple Investing with Index Funds (watch or listen here)

18:18 - Episodes 6: All Things HSA (watch or listen here)

22:10 - Episode 10: Investing in Your HSA (watch or listen here)

25:30 - Episode 3: Living Intentionally Through Financial Independence (watch or listen here)

32:36 - Episode 11: Time Ownership & Why FIRE Isn’t about the Money (watch or listen here)

41:30 - Connect with Winenance!

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