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Budgeting 101: How to Track Your Expenses | Ep. 4 | Winenance Wednesday

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

1. The Difference Between Tracking Expenses vs. Budgeting

  • Budgeting is how you should spend your money.

  • Tracking expenses is how you are spending your money.

2. Why Tracking Expenses is the First Step to Creating a Budget

  • You cannot build a budget without first determining where you money is currently being spent and in which categories.

  • To know how much you should spend each month, you first need to know how much you spend and if that's the right for you.

3. How to Determine the Right Amount to Spend

  • Don't guilt or shame yourself for "overspending" in a particular category.

  • If you are spending where you find value (i.e. spending intentionally), then you're putting your money where it's most important to you.

4. Why It's OK Your Expenses Fluctuate and Change

  • Life changes over time, and so do our expenses.

  • Review your budget at least once a year to ensure you're on track to meet your goals.

  • Avoid feeling defeated by making a habit of regularly tracking your expenses.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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Challenge of the Week

Drink of the Week: Kombucha Mocktail


  • 8 oz kombucha (flavor of choice)

  • 1 lime wedge

  • 1 sprig of fresh mint


  • Muddle lime & mint in a glass.

  • Add ice and kombucha.

  • Stir and enjoy!

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