• Marie

Real-Time Budgeting with Qube Money | Ep. 9 | Winenance Wednesday

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

1. What Qube Money is and how it works (7:45)

  • Qube Money is the digital envelopes app that's also a bank account

  • It ties your budget categories to point-of-sale purchases so you ONLY spend within a certain category

2. How Qube Money works WITH your spending habits and behaviors (37:00)

  • Instead of shaming yourself for over-spending, Qube forces smart money behaviors because you have to open the app and choose which section of your bank account (or which Qube) you want to pull from to pay for this purchase.

3. Why most budget tools only let you budget in the past (29:30)

  • While it's important to track your expenses and know how you spent your money last month, what is going to prevent you from over-spending in a category next month?

4. Other features like fraud prevention and family budgeting (15:29; 18:46; 25:23)

  • Ever lost your debit or credit card but didn't realize it until someone has already racked up $$$ of fraudulent purchases? With Qube Money, you have to authorize any purchase through your app before it will be processed with your card.

  • Looking to teach your children good spending habits? Their family membership allows up to 10 kids to have cards connected to the account, and parents have to authorize purchases via the app.

If you're like Marie and cannot wait to get started with Qube, you can use our link and promo code, WINENANCE 25, to sign up for 25% off lifetime membership (offer valid until 12/31/20).

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