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Why Your 401K is One of Your Greatest Assets to Wealth Building

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

When Marie and I started our first jobs that offered a 401K or retirement plan, neither of us understood anything about it or why we should bother to lock up our hard earned money in an account we couldn't access until we were almost 60.

Maybe like us, your employer brought in some random person from your benefits administrator or plan provider who sat you all down in a conference room, threw some investing jargon at you, and did some not-so-basic rate of return calculations about how $200 a paycheck can turn into $200,000.

Yeah, at 18 and 26 respectively, Marie and I both felt just as lost. After all, we were young and retirement was for old people. That's future Marie and Stephanie's problems!

If you're like us, you too may have thought that (or are still thinking that). It wasn't until nearly 10 years later, we started taking our financial futures more seriously.

We learned that investing didn't have to be scary, or some unknown black hole that only the wealthy were worthy of understanding (or at least taking advantage of).

We saw our portfolio balances increase and our net worths grow. We took advantage of the tools at our disposal and then started teaching others how to build wealth.

Starting with our employer-sponsored retirement plans.

We understand the importance of investing not only for today, but for your future. We've learned that time is one of your greatest assets when building wealth, and there are simple ways to start.

That's why we created the Winenance 401K Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide to Confidently Invest in Your Employer-Sponsored Retirement Account.

We developed this FREE guide to remove the confusion around what a 401K is, help you navigate your provider's site (regardless of who it is), and confidently invest in your future.

So, why a 401K Guide? (FYI...it also works if you have a 403B or a 457B)​ ​

1. Those who consistently invest in their 401Ks are more likely to become millionaires (Source: Fidelity).

2. Investing in our 401Ks is one of the biggest reasons we've been able to grow multi-six-figure portfolios each in less than 3-years each.

3. And, provider websites and plans are unnecessarily complicated, which frankly creates a lack of interest in investing in them.

We created what we wish we had, not just when we were starting out in our careers, but heck, even 10+ years into our working lives. ​ ​

We break down each step and show you exactly what to look for, how to calculate how much you can afford to contribute per paycheck, and what to consider when choosing your investments.

Plus, anyone can use this guide regardless of who your provider is!

It’s never been this simple to grow wealth in your 401k or employer-sponsored retirement account. ​ ​

Download your 401K Guide below and tell us what you think about it! We’d love to hear from you!

​​ P.S. If you really super like our free guide, snap a screenshot of it on your phone and tag @Winenance in your IG post or story!

P.P.S. Because we believe so strongly in 401K investing, we're going to be offering a virtual Winenance Workshop. Stay tuned for more on that!

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